Change is Good! #CORPSMART


Our company is growing in leaps and bounds, so we’re enhancing our name to better encompass our clients and services. We hope you will help us in welcoming our new name, CORPSMART™. In addition to our new name, we are enhancing your overall customer experience.

Things to look forward to:

  • New website coming soon
  • CORPSMART™ Sunrise Team offering clients responsive service from 6am – 5pm PST
  • The CORPSMART™ unwavering service promise to provide accurate, on-time and personal service

What happens if I try to access the CLASCORP™ website?

Don’t worry, you will still be able to access the CLASCORP™ website. Once our new website is perfected, you will be able to reach us via our old website or our new website which will be released soon!

What happens if I try to email a CLASCORP™ email?

Don’t worry, you will still be able to contact us even if you email us at our emails. We don’t skip a beat!

When should you expect to notice changes?

You can expect enhancements to our overall look and website to take shape over the next few months. We will not change our name over night as our clients are our main priority and these things take a lot of time and development.

We have taken careful measures to ensure that the quality service we are dedicated to providing is continually improving and we are excited to extend this even further with our new 6am – 5pm PST service hours taking effect this week!

Registered Agent Clients:
Please note that as a customer of our Registered Agent services, you can expect to see CORPSMART as your appointed Registered Agent. We will take care of this change and you will have nothing to worry about – just keeping you in the loop!

Do you have further questions?

No problem! Contact us directly at 800-737-8012 to speak to a team member and we will be glad to answer any questions. You can also contact our marketing team who is the brains of this via email at or via phone at 800-737-8009.