Fraud Alert

CORPSMART™ and government agencies have identified deceptive notices being sent to debtors, when a filing has been placed against their name. The notices are sent via mail and formatted to appear like an official government document, indicating the the debtor should reach out to the contact to obtain a copy of their UCC filing for $90. See an example of fraudulent notices below:

If you or your client are targeted in this scheme, please reach out to CORPSMART to confirm validity of any suspicious documents. Please note that CORPSMART will always provide a copy of filed UCCs and we would advise not to engage in this situation.

CORPSMART™ is a global corporate compliance and lien due diligence provider. For more information regarding this article, please reach out to If you would like to learn more about our services or discuss your unique needs, please reach out to the CORPSMART™ team at


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