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Coronavirus Update: International Gov. Office Closures

Latest update: 07/30/2020 at 8:19 am pst

CORPSMART™ offices remain open and unaffected at this time.



  • Mostly all services are available through electronic methods.
  • The ASIC remains closed, but has electronic capabilities. 
  • The country remains on lock down, and restrictions will slowly begin to be loosened. 


  • Businesses were allowed to resume the week of May 4, 2020. 
  • All government agencies are now open, however, delays are to be expected. 

British Virgin Islands: 

  • Registries and courts are now open at full capacity. 
  • All services are now available. 

Canada (Ontario): 

  • The Corporate Registry is running and all corporate services are available. 
  • The only closures are courts, however searches are still available through electronic means.

Dominican Republic: 

  • The corporate Registry is estimated to open the week of May 18, 2020.
  • There are multiple online services still available. 

El Salvador: 

  • Closed until further notice. 


  • Corporate Registries and courts are now open. 
  • Banks and tax offices are now open and fully functional. 


  • Businesses, Courts and Corporate Registry start returning to work (as of May 18, 2020). 
  • Some consulates and embassies are remaining closed until further notice. 


  • The Governor of Guam has issued a state of emergency effective March 15, 2020. 
  • All non-essential government offices which includes the Department of Revenue & Taxation are to remain closed. 
  • The state of emergency for all above is in effect until at least June 5, 2020.
  • The Treasurer of Guam has limited cashier operations for now until further notice – able to make tax payments, file and pay tax returns with tax liability due, as well as estimated tax payments.
  • Collections assessment payments are also being accepted by collection officers assigned at the Treasurer office.
  • The Guam Tax Department got the green light to resume operations, we are being notified that the Tax Department will re-open May 18, 2020.


  • Registries have opened and are now able to process certified documents.


  • Government offices and businesses are still working remotely (as of May 15, 2020). 
  • The corporate registry is still offering mostly all services, but with delays. 
  • The lock down is expected for another month or two. 


  • The country is under lock down and the corporate registry is closed until further notice. 
  • Some online services are available. 


  • Registry is closeduntil March 29, 2020, at minimum. 


  • The Luxembourg authorities continue to work but on a reduced schedule (i.e. their offices are only open in the morning). This can be lead to delays in requests. 
  • The Trade and Companies Register in Luxembourg remains open. 


  • Mostly all Corporate Registries are estimated to open the week of May 18, 2020 at limited capacities. 
  • Multiple online services are still available. 

New Zealand: 

  • Businesses are beginning to open and the corporate registry is open. 


  • The Government of Panama has issued Executive Decree No. 500 of March 19, 2020 instructing all businesses (with a few strategic exceptions) to close as of midnight March 20, 2020 for 30 days in an effort to reduce, mitigate and control the virus. 


  • Courts and the corporate registry still remain closed, but are expected to start opening within the next few weeks. 
  • Businesses are starting to return to work (starting as of May 14, 2020).

Puerto Rico: 

  • The Department of State is closed.
  • All Walk In Services are cancelled.
  • Online Filings are still being accepted.
  • The Department of State has extended the annual report due date to July 15, 2020.
  • These apply to all in-person visits, such as request for Certified Copies, Extracts, Good Standings and possible due diligence searches. All electronic filings, document retrievals and searches should not be affected. 
  • Local agencies and courts continue to be closed to the public. Some are working remotely (Department of State, Department of Treasury, HR & Work Department, etc.).
  • The Federal Court is open (limited days for the public) and there are some filings and searches we can perform online.


  • The Country and Corporate Registry are still closed. 
  • Announcements will be made when re-openings begin. 


  • Legalization services are suspended until June 1, 2020.
  • Document copies and lien searches remain available without disruption.


  • The MFA has partially reopened and are available to process Apostilles with significant delays due to staff shortage and acceptance of postal orders.


  • The Registry is open and processing requests. 
  • Suspended same day services and have allowed the online filing of some documents. 


  • Corporate Registries and businesses may open the week of May 18, 2020. 

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