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Susan Hogan is the owner of Green Tomato Foods, located in the State of California. Like a true entrepreneur, Susan’s Salsa started out as something she would create in her own kitchen for parties, gatherings, and gifts. Her Salsa – fresh, flavorful, and unique, immediately became a favorite of everyone.

As time progressed, requests for Susan’s Salsa turned into more than a hobby and Green Tomato Foods was born.  Susan’s Salsa was popping up on shelves in the Supermarket and Gourmet Food stores. As the owner of a growing business Susan was looking for a service company to handle her Registered Agent needs in the State of Washington.When she contacted CORPSMART™ she said she “really liked the girl that she spoke with and was impressed by her knowledge”. That girl happens to be Cheryl Westby our Registered Agent guru with 20+ years of Registered Agent experience.

Appointing a Registered Agent is a statutory requirement to do business in most states throughout the United States. A Registered Agent is responsible for receiving your important documents i.e. state notices and service of process.  At CORPSMART™ we specialize in the search, filing and retrieval of public records in the United States and abroad. Those in business know that finding the right resources when it comes to navigating the many twists and turns of State & Government Agency requirements can make the world appear rather large and daunting. Every State, County, Parish, Borough and City has their own set of rules and regulations, so picking a knowledgeable, reliable service company, such as CORPSMART™, is your best choice in making sure you are always in compliance.

Susan’s company specializes in Salsa and Cooking Sauces, and having tried them ourselves the CORPSMART™ team can say they are to die for. They come in a variety of heats and are all natural – we are particularly fond of the Mango Salsa. If this article has you drooling, visit the Green Tomato Foods website at www.greentomatofoods.com to see all of the varieties available. Susan’s Salsa is the best there is!

If you are building your own dream and want a steady partner to guide you through your corporate compliance needs, contact the CORPSMART™ team at 800-737-8012 or visit our website at www.corp-smart.com.




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