Building your online business? Don’t forget licensing!

As the retail landscape continues to grow in the direction of online sales, it is important to obtain the proper license and permits to avoid any penalties.

Examples of business licensing requirements, even you maintain online transactions:

  • Specialty products to a regulated industry (i.e. medical, insurance, aerospace, etc.)
  • Holding excess inventory? Zoning codes
  • Doing business from home? Zoning permits
  • Tax revenue licensing (obtain ein # for all businesses)
  • Signage permits
  • City and/or County business licensing
  • Health dept. licensing
  • Fire dept. permit
  • Alcohol license or permit

Whether your online business is just a hobby or a your dream job, you are not exempt from maintaining corporate compliance. The requirements are varying and we are experts in handling your business licensing needs. Lean on us when you are ready to research and obtain the proper licensing to maintain your good status.

Connect with the CORPSMART™ team at 800-737-8012 to learn more about fulfilling your licensing needs.



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