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Uniform Commercial Code

Make Decisions With Confidence

Our comprehensive UCC, lien and litigation services arm lenders with timely, accurate public records information to help them evaluate risk and make funding decisions with confidence.

UCC Filings

CORPSMART™ offers the full spectrum of pre and post-funding due diligence services.

  • State Level Filings
  • County Level Filings
  • Canadian PPSA Filings
  • International Equivalent of the UCC
UCC Searches

CORPSMART™ offers the full spectrum of pre and post-funding due diligence services

  • State Court Searches & Retrievals
  • County Level Searches
  • County Lien Searches
  • U.S. District Court Searches
  • Bankruptcy Searches & Retrievals
  • Canadian PPSA Searches
  • Post Filing Search To Reflect

In October of 2001, Federal legislation called the USA Patriot Act was approved by congress. The law specifies that individuals and organizations within the United States are required to conduct screenings to ensure that they are not performing business transactions with any individuals or entities on the Blocked Persons List. Contact the CORPSMART™ team today to learn more about the Patriot Act search services we can provide you.

Due Diligence Technology

CORPFOLIO™: As a CORPSMART™ client, you have access to a full-service, online workflow management system to place and track service requests, retrieve completed orders, access historical invoices, respond to alerts from a Service Representative and gain one-click access to the DIY Search and UCC eZFILE® systems.

DIY Search: Users enjoy anytime, anywhere access to perform UCC and lien searches. Broad-based name searching features allow searchers to identify name variations and uncover hidden liens. Our Patriot Act search pulls information from five government databases for the most comprehensive report available.

UCC eZFILE®: Users can prepare UCC filings and submit them electronically in over 40 jurisdictions nationwide. Personalized filing templates and saved books of debtor, secured party and collateral information help expedite document preparation while free lapse date tracking ensures the timely filing of continuations.

Free online system demonstrations and comprehensive training available.

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