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Handled With Care & Reliability

Offering Registered Agent Representation in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and many foreign jurisdictions. With over one million Service of Process (SOP) deliveries to date, clients can trust CORPSMART™ to handle all of their critical Service of Process documents with care and reliability.

Through our affiliation with NRAI, CORPSMART™ offers Registered Agent Representation service to companies large and small throughout the country.

Flexible handling options: Offering you no-charge SOP delivery both electronically through First Serve™ or via Federal Express

Web-based solutions: Offering you 24/7 secure online access to database, tax calendar, library of statutory forms, educational materials, filing charts, and reference points

Tax calendar: Track filing deadlines and obtain customized on demand reports for coming filing due dates to ensure you never miss another deadline

Free entity monitoring: Compliance Notifications sent direct to your email inbox alert you to any changes in the status of your entity allowing you to quickly correct deficiencies.

Free & easy change of agent: Appoint us as your Registered Agent through CORPSMART™ and we will complete and file the necessary forms at no charge and even absorb all statutory fees related to the change of agent.

The CORPSMART™ team is trusted by thousands in receiving service of process, recording the sensitive information and delivering your documents to you efficiently. With over one million Service of Process deliveries, CORPSMART™ has proven itself to be the best in the industry—a group in which we are proud to be an affiliate.

Are you ready to change your registered agent representation to CORPSMART™? We make it easy and completely free.
  • We cover all of the statutory fees associated with the change of agent.
  • We prepare all of the documentation and handle the application process.

When your deal calls for a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) or Independent Director services, make certain you select a company that knows what to do and how to do it. Through our affiliation with NRAI, you can choose CORPSMART™ for representation with all of your SPE and Independent Director needs.

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