Nationwide UCC Form Changes

Beginning July 2023, new UCC filing forms were released throughout the nation. While most states have adopted the new forms, this is not the case in all states. Utilizing our UCC filing technology, you will ensure that your filings are being formatted on the current required UCC forms.

While only minor changes were made to the UCC filing forms, the changes are impactful in providing greater guidance in properly formatting your UCC filing and streamlining components as to eliminate the need to supply duplicated information. Notable changes include, key information provided within the instructions page clarifying formatting requirements for debtor names, such as “Do not use Debtor’s trade name, DBA, AKA, FKA, division name, etc. in place of or combined with Debtor’s correct name; filer may add such other names as additional Debtors if desired (but this is neither required nor recommended)”.

To ensure that you are using the most current UCC filing form, we recommend drafting your filing on CORPSMART™’s UCC filing system, which is programmed to determine the proper form, per state, as the new forms are not being used in all states.

Click here to access the newest UCC filing forms or read up on filing instructions.

About the CORPSMART filing system:

CORPSMART™’s state-of-the-art UCC filing system allows users to draft UCC filings in all states and counties nationwide. With saved collateral, Secured Party and debtor books, you can save descriptions to streamline formatting documents and ensure information used is accurate. The UCC filing system also provides debtor monitoring solutions as well as FREE tracking of lapse dates with quick-file continuation functions.

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