Over the last year and a half, the CORPSMART™ team has more than tripled in size, office space has become “cozy”, our sales team has traveled more than 175,000 miles visiting clients, we have changed our name from CLASCORP to CORPSMART™ to better encompass our vast service offerings and clients, and we have implemented strategic goals to enhance and stay true to our customer service promise. With this in mind, our team is growing rapidly! And as our team continues to grow, we want you to get to know them. See the following profiles and connect with them online!



David Mercado, Corporate Service Representative

  • First job: Target
  • Dream vacation: Taking a year (or several shorter vacations) to travel to different countries and experience their cultures, different ways of thinking, eating, medicating, overall health, social concepts, and world views.
  • Words of wisdom: The more you know the more you grow!
  • Favorite bevy: Kombucha
  • Most looking forward to in 2017: Getting Married!
  • Favorite thing about working at CORPSMART™: Small team & good work environment

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Rachel Sims, Office Assistant

  • First job: Selling doughnuts in a bakery
  • Dream vacation: I’ve always wanted to do a combination bicycle/ferry tour of the San Juan Islands
  • Words of wisdom: Pie fixes almost everything
  • Favorite bevy: Grapefruit LaCroix
  • Most looking forward to in 2017: Doing a lot of hiking this summer
  • Favorite thing about working at CORPSMART™: I like having the opportunity to learn something new every day!

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Nancy Buehler, Accounting Manager 

  • First job: I grew up on a farm so changing siphon tubes for irrigation. My first non-family job was working at a tree nursery.
  • Dream vacation: An African Safari
  • Words of wisdom: I try not to give Words of Wisdom unless you are my children, then I give them all the time. I guess I would say Be Honest – Tell the Truth!
  • Favorite bevy: Black Coffee/Water/White Wine
  • Most looking forward to in 2017: My oldest son Graduating from college and getting a job (hopefully)
  • Favorite thing about working at CORPSMART™: I haven’t been here that long but I would have to say working for and with great people and watching the company grow.

Kortney York, Business Development Representative

  • First job: McDonalds – only lasted one day haha
  • Dream vacation: Thailand
  • Words of wisdom: Do it now! This can effect every phase of your life. It can help you do things you should do, but don’t feel like doing. It can also keep you from procrastinating when an unpleasant duty faces you. But it can also help you do those things that you want to do. It helps you seize those precious moments that, if lost, may never be achieved.
  • Favorite bevy: Changes weekly, but right now I’m obsessed with Effen Cucumber Vodka, soda and lime.
  • Most looking forward to in 2017: Becoming a better version of myself and making memories.
  • Favorite thing about working at CORPSMART™: Working with Melissa, McKenna and Chris of course! This is a new industry to me and I am learning constantly, which is awesome!

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Alexandra Isoz, Customer Service Representative 

  • First job: Starbucks
  • Dream vacation: Santorini, Greece
  • Words of wisdom: “Be ok with not knowing for sure what might come next, but know that whatever it is…you will be ok.”
  • Favorite bevy: Non Alcoholic- hot chocolate with marshmallows, Alcohol-Champagne
  • Most looking forward to in 2017: Personal growth physically and being a year closer to my degree
  • Favorite thing about working at CLASCORP™: Becoming a member of a great team

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