Changes Concerning Foreign Entities in SC


New procedural changes in South Carolina Secretary of State may effect your conversions and mergers with foreign entities.

Effective Date: February 10, 2017


Whenever a foreign entity qualified/registered in South Carolina converts it must file:

  • A foreign amendment form; and
  • A certificate of existence, showing the new entity type.
  • It is also strongly recommended that it file a certified copy of the conversion documents.


Whenever a foreign entity qualified/registered in South Carolina completes a merger it must file:

  • A certified copy of the merger documents;
  • A plan of merger (where available);
  • A new merger form being prepared by the South Carolina Secretary of State, which should be published during the week beginning February 13th; and
  • If the name of the entity changes after the merger, the filer must also submit the respective foreign amendment form.



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